_True Heading CTRX Graphene

Proven and reliable AIS Class B transponder

The CTRX Graphene is a Class B AIS transponder
developed and manufactured in SWEDEN that recei-
ves and sends all AIS messages according to Recom-
mendation ITU-R M.1371-4.

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_True Heading AIS CTRX Graphene

The new CTRX Graphene supersedes the very popular CTRX Carbon.
The CTRX Graphene is a brand new Class B AIS developed and manufactured in SWEDEN that receives and sends all AIS messages according to Recommendation ITU-R M.1371-4. Besides the great radio technology the CTRX Graphene also has/can:

  • Communication with external equipment e.g. plotters via NMEA2000 and/or NMEA0183!
  • Communication with PC via mini USB (waterproof)!
  • Silent button!
  • Great design!

Quality and development

As one of the leading companies involved in AIS technolo-
gy we constantly develop products for the needs of today
and tomorrow. Our effort is to remain as a global leader in
the exciting future of AIS.

Transmit and Receive

The AIS CTRX GRAPHENE Class-B transponder both trans-
mit and receive AIS information. It can receive all AIS infor-
mation available e.g. AIS Class A, AIS Class B, AIS AtoN
and AIS weather information.

Silent mode

The AIS CTRX GRAPHENE can with a simple push of a but-
ton be made “silent”, meaning that the unit will only re-
ceive AIS data from other AIS transponders.

Easy to Install

The AIS CTRX GRAPHENE is easy to install, just connect;
• 12-24 VDC
• GPS antenna (5VDC)
• VHF antenna
• A plotter, radar and/or PC navigation software.
• With setup software PRO AIS