AIS AtoN Express

The Aton Express is the latest fully certified and integrated Type 1 AIS AtoN with an internal rechargeable battery. Designed for quick and easy deployment on even the smallest buoys or e.g. fishing tools, fish farms, etc.

Able to operate for over 5 days between charges or connect directly to an external power source for permanent installations.
Unique secure quick ft bracket system.

Please note that an MMSI number must be programmed in the unit. Apply for an MMSI number at your local authority (as you would for an MMSI number to a ”regular” AIS transponder).


  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Easy to install quickly and securely on any buoy
  • Simple installation with no wiring
  • Internationally certified – AIS AtoN Type 1
  • Integrated and protected GPS & VHF antennas