The CTRX Graphene comes in two versions; the CTRX Graphene and the CTRX Graphene Plus, where the CTRX Graphene Plus version has a built-in VHF
antenna splitter. The units are manufactured in Sweden and thanks to the high-quality components used in the units, the range1 of their transmission, as well as possibility of reception, is guaranteed to be the very best!

Both CTRX Graphene units are very easy to install with the majority of the plotters and/or PC-navigation systems via either NMEA0183 and/or NMEA2000 and/or waterproof voltage protected USB.
Would you like to transfer your AIS and GPS data wireless to e.g. a tablet, phone or PC? No problem! CTRX Graphene can be fitted with a WiFi option.


  • Class B AIS transponder
  • Built-in VHF antenna splitter
  • Silent mode function
  • NMEA0183 interface
  • Power input: 10 – 32 VDC

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