True Heading CTRX Vision+ Class B transceiver

True Heading CTRX VISION+

5W Class B-SOTDMA AIS transponder with splitter

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True Heading CTRX VISION+

5W Class B-SOTDMA AIS transponder with splitter & WiFi*

The new True Heading CTRX Vision+ is a modern 5 Watt AIS class B transponder, which uses the SOTDMA protocol. Just like AIS class A equipment, CTRX Vision+ participates in the time slot reservation plan, so it will always have a free timeslot available to transmit it’s position, at a higher update rate.

Former types of AIS, such as our previous Graphene AIS series, are CSTDMA transponders. These first listen to determine if there is a free time slot that can be used. This works fine at sea, but not in port areas and busy waters such as the English Channel and waterways around Antwerp and Rotterdam. In these areas, certainty about visibility is essential. Older type of transponders that just skips broadcasts because there is no free time slot, do not offer this certainty. True Heading CTRX Vision+ does.

The CTRX Vision+ has a built-in high performance antenna splitter, which shares the antenna with the VHF antenna without signal loss, an option that is very useful for the leisure market where finding a good location for an extra antenna causes problems.

CTRX Vision+ is small and light, ultra power efficient and easy to install.

Of course, the transponder can be connected to the plotter or tablet with the electronic chart in many ways: NMEA 0183, NMEA2000, WiFi and USB.


Technical specifications


173 x 128 x 53 mm (L x W x H)


380g (AIS transponder unit only)


Power supply DC 12 – 24V

Current consumption <220mA at 12VDC

Data interface


NMEA0183 38,400 baud output (IEC61162-1)

NMEA0183 4,800 baud input (IEC61162-1)



Silent Mode Switch input


VHF antenna output SO-239

VHF radio input connector SO-239

GNSS antenna TNC

NMEA2000 standard Microconnector

12 way power input / NMEA0183 / USB / silent mode

User Interface LED indicator for Power, TX timeout, Error, Silent Mode

VHF Transceiver

Frequency 161.975MHz to 162.025MHz

1 Transmitter, output power 5W, SOTDMA protocol

2 receivers, sensitivity ←110dBm @20% PER

GNSS Receiver

72 channels, GPS-GLONASS-SBAS

RF Interfaces

Insertion loss: receive 0dB / transmit <1dB

Power handling VHF port: 25W

Operating frequency range: 156MHz to 163MHz

Standards Compliance

AIS Standards IEC62287-1 Ed3

IEC62287-2 Ed2

ITU-R M.1371-5

GNSS performance standards

IEC61108-1 Ed 2.0

IEC61108-2 Ed 1.0

Serial data interface standards IEC61162-1 Ed 5.0

IEC61162-2 Ed 1.0

NMEA2000® Interface standard NMEA2000® Edition 3.101
WiFi FCC U30-G2M5477
Product Safety EN60950-1 2006 +A11:2009

+A1:2010 +A12:2011 +A2:2013

Environmental standard IEC60945 Edition 4


Waterproof IP66 and IP67, IEC 60945 Exposed Category

Operating temperature: -25ºC to +55ºC